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Image by Gabriel Tovar

Angelo Henriques


Angelo has been a member of the EAAM since 2015.

He is a specialist of training and husbandry at Zoomarine Rome with a degree in veterinary assistant, certified professional dog trainer and member of the Eaam Training committee for the last years.

With more than 20 years of experience, he started his career in Zoomarine Portugal and since 2005 started to work in Italy when he decided to embrace a new project from Zoomarine with the opening of a new facility where he became head trainer at the dolphinarium and where he had the opportunity to work with other species, birds included.

Passionate about training in the last years he was the author of several training articles and had the opportunity to share is work presenting in the last years in several conferences, and has been always involved with several associations regarding animal welfare.

He always looks and enjoys sharing his experience with other European facilities with private lectures and workshops for professionals and for younger trainers that are just approaching our field to enhance the importance of animal training in an optimal husbandry program.

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