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The European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) was formed in 1972, originally as an interest group. In August 2012 it became a non-profit Association, with its head office located in Brussels, Belgium.

The EAAM is proud to bring together diverse members. Including veterinarians, biologists, zoo and marine park directors and managers, trainers and caretakers, researchers, students and other persons who devote a significant amount of time to the in situ and ex situ welfare and conservation of marine mammals through research, medical care, training, education, conservation, management and related activities.

The EAAM warmly welcomes anyone with a strong interest in aquatic mammals to join its community, whether a student or an active professional within the marine mammal field. As a member, individuals gain access to a network of professionals actively involved in advancing knowledge, welfare, and conservation efforts related to aquatic mammals. The EAAM provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional development, fostering growth and engagement within this specialized field. Whether your passion lies in scientific research, veterinary medicine, or a general fascination with these remarkable creatures, membership in EAAM offers a wealth of resources and opportunities to contribute to the betterment of aquatic mammal welfare and conservation.

Institutional Members

The EAAM proudly welcomes institutional members who dedicate their time to the care and welfare of aquatic mammals. These institutional members include marine parks, aquariums, research institutions, and conservation organizations that play a vital role in advancing our understanding of aquatic mammal biology, behaviour, and conservation. 


The EAAM hosts an annual symposium to share information about the results of scientific studies, advancements in management or veterinary care, as well as training breakthroughs. We encourage this multi-disciplinary connection and hope to inspire individuals from different branches of our industry to gain a more thorough knowledge and understanding of how we can work together to better improve the lives of the animals in our care. 

The symposium combines lectures from guest speakers with oral, video and poster presentations, as well as technical workshops aimed at reinforcing direct cooperation in all fields of marine mammal science.  Symposiums are open to all interested persons and take place in March of each year.

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