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Image by Bart

Guillermo Sánchez Contreras

Past-President, Communication & Veterinary

Guillermo has been a member of the EAAM since 2012. He is Chief Veterinary Officer for The Dolphin Company. He gained experience in marine mammal medicine and research both at the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre in Pieterburen (The Netherlands), and at a marine park in Malta, combining education, research and conservation in his daily work. He is currently the Past President of the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) and has published research on behavior, physiology, immunology, malformations, surgery, and different aspects of neoplastic, parasitic, viral and bacterial diseases affecting pinnipeds and bottlenose dolphins, both in the wild and in professional care. He is currently focused on dolphin welfare, neonatology and toxicology. Guillermo mentors undergraduate students and believes promoting the education of the new generations of marine mammal professionals will have a direct impact on conservation.

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