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Activist Incident in Belgium and The Netherlands

Last Weekend witnessed seriously misguided individuals jumping into dolphin habitats at Boudewijn Seapark, Belgium and at Harderwijk Dolfinarium, Netherlands.

Both incidents occurred during dolphin educational presentations, with two individuals recklessly jumping into the habitat. Such dangerous misconduct from non-professional people is extremely stressful and dangerous for the animals. The animal caretakers of both parks, as a direct result of the trust they build with the animals in their care, were able to respond quickly and efficiently, asking all animals to move to a safer area within minutes. The EAAM wishes to express its support to the staff of both Boudewijn Seapark and Harderwijk Dolfinarium after such a disturbing and misguided protest, as well as firmly condemn extreme and violent actions such as these.

This weekend, people desperately seeking attention have directly put dolphins in harm’s way. However, every day, these facilities are active in research, education and conservation. Boudewijn Seapark also serves as a platform for marine mammals in distress on the Belgian coast. It is what the staff of both of these facilities does in the long run that makes a real difference for marine mammals in their care and in the wild.


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