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EAAM email to French deputies distributing 2021 Scientist Statement

Originally issued in 2016, the re-issued statement gains double support amidst concerns over cetacean restrictions in France. The European Association for Aquatic Mammals safeguards the significance of dolphins in zoos, opposing measures that endanger essential research and conservation in French zoological settings.

Dear Deputies,

More than 160 scientists from 22 countries around the world have signed a statement concerning the importance of marine mammals such as dolphins in zoos. The scientists represent over 120 universities and research institutions. The ten most prolific researchers supporting the statement have authored more than 3.600 peer reviewed papers.

The scientists note that many of the research findings critical to the conservation of dolphins in the wild have come from studies of dolphins in managed care facilities and could not have been obtained through studies in the ocean. They conclude that “a comprehensive understanding of these animals requires a combination of both in-situ and ex-situ studies; studies based in the wild and in zoological settings.”

The Scientist Statement was first issued in 2016; the number of scientists supporting the re-issued statement has doubled amid concerns about proposed measures to restrict the keeping of cetaceans in France.

The European Association for Aquatic Mammals seeks to ensure that deputies are well informed of the multiple benefits of dolphins in zoos and will oppose measures that would jeopardize important research and conservation efforts related to dolphins and whales in French zoos.

With appreciation for your time and attention to this matter.

Dr. Renato LENZI, President, EAAM

Download the 2021 Statement

Scientist Statement 2021 (EN)
Download • 164KB


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