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Freya the Walruse – Norway

A decision has been made by the Norwegian authorities to euthanize a walrus that had come into close quarters with humans over the past week.

The walrus, whom locals named Freya, had been observed swimming in the harbours of the Oslofijord, as well as lounging on boats. Due to this close proximity to humans, the Norwegian Government issued a warning for people to keep their distance. However crowds soon gathered to watch Freja over the coming days, some even going so far as to get into the water. Interacting with wild species without the supervision of specialists in an uncontrolled environment is risky for both animals and humans.

In a very recent press release, the authorities announced that they have euthanized the animal due to the increased risk to human safety, and they concluded that they could not ensure the animal’s welfare. Walruses are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Euthanasia should always be the last option and the EAAM, with the values of animal welfare and conservation at the forefront of our minds, wishes to remain at the disposition of any governing body unsure of how to proceed or intervene in situations such as these.


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