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Mobilizing experts to help a beluga in trouble

An unprecedented rescue attempt was made in France by two EAAM Institutional Members – Marineland Côte d’Azur and Planete Sauvage – to save the life of the Beluga whale that swam into the Seine river last week.

Members of our organization (alongside local authorities, firefighters, expert veterinarians, and Sea Shepherd) worked tirelessly for almost 48 hours in a valiant effort to save the ailing animal. French animal care experts directed local firefighters, while veterinarians assessed the whale’s condition throughout the rescue. The beluga was successfully retrieved from the lock he got stuck in on the first attempt thanks to the expert knowledge of the team. However once the animal was able to be assessed, veterinarians determined the beluga whale to be too weak to survive, leaving euthanasia as the only option.

The EAAM wishes to applaud the efforts of the professionals involved, and commends them for being dedicated to the welfare and conservation of marine mammals worldwide.

EAAM accredited facilities rely on the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the best chances of success in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine mammals in need. We encourage the general public and the authorities to resource our association and its members to build strong collaborations to provide the best care possible in such cases.


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