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Image by Gabriel Tovar

Nicolas Issenjou


Nicolas is an expert in operant conditioning with a specialization in marine mammals, boasting 24 years of training experience. 

Professionally educated by a Sea World manager in a high-standard team, he consistently seeks to enhance his skills and express his passion for behavior analysis, communication, and management.

Nicolas has worked at Marineland Antibes in France, Oceanografic Valencia in Spain, and Pairi Daiza in Belgium. He is currently the head trainer for sea lions and parrots at La Palmyre Zoo. His extensive experience includes training orcas, polar bears, belugas, walruses, dolphins, sea lions (Steller, California, Patagonian, African), seals, penguins (king, gentoo, rockhopper), parrots, beavers, porcupines, and even humans.

Additionally, Nicolas is a certified professional dog trainer. 

He and his teams have been honored with the EAAM "Best Training Presentation" award twice, in 2016 and 2023. 

He believes that careful preparation combined with boldness is key to achieving results. To him, training is an art that balances science and instinct, creating a virtuous circle for both the teams and the animals.

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