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EAAM Conservation Programmes

For over 40 years, conservation has been central to the mission of many EAAM members.  EAAM parks spearhead and financially support numerous important projects around the world aimed at the conservation of marine mammals and other species. The EAAM also works collectively to support selected conservation projects.  

MOm - Mediterranean Monk Seal Conservation

The EAAM is supporting efforts by the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal ( to prevent the disappearance of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus). With less than 600 individuals left in the wild, the monk seal is one of the rarest marine mammals in the world and the most endangered species in Europe.

Chiloe Dolphin Project

The habitats of Chilean and Peales dolphins overlap with the area of salmon and especially shellfish farms posing to these animals several threats. EAAM support the work done on the ground there since 2001, assisting Yaqu Pacha and Chilean biologists to pinpoint the extent of the threats and establish protected areas for dolphins.

Institutional Member Projects

EAAM members invest significant resources in funding or conducting important scientific research. They cooperate with outside researchers, providing access to their facilities as well as access to the species in their care. 

Much of the research underway today is possible only in the controlled environment of zoological parks.  Knowledge gained from scientific study of marine mammals in human care directly contributes to the knowledge and conservation of marine mammals in the wild. For example, baseline data obtained from testing at EAAM parks helps with the diagnosis and rehabilitation of stranded animals, saving lives.  Studies on auditory capabilities and vocalisation patterns and learning can help to better understand how cetaceans communicate in the wild. EAAM members also fund and/or participate in projects aimed at species and/or habitat conservation.

Rescue & Rehabilitation

EAAM members respond to hundreds of calls each year to rescue and rehabilitate injured or sick marine mammals throughout Europe.  Rescue and rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals is important both for individual animal well-being and species conservation.  The overall goal for rescued animals is for them to be released into the wild wherever possible. 

Sometimes, governing bodies declare certain animals non-releasable and in these cases zoological parks provide homes for animals that cannot be released.  Rescue and rehabilitation work generates important knowledge about the species we care for and wish to preserve, including insights on disease, treatment, or changes in the natural environment impacting the health or survival of the wild populations.

Conservation news

The EAAM remains dedicated to its conservation efforts, continually striving to protect and preserve aquatic mammal species. Through collaborative initiatives and research projects, EAAM aims to address critical conservation issues and raise awareness about the challenges faced by these magnificent creatures in both captivity and the wild.

More information

If you are eager to learn more about conservation and contribute to the protection of (aquatic) mammals, consider visiting other professional organizations like AMMPA, EAZA, and WAZA. These organizations are also at the forefront of conservation efforts, focusing on marine mammal protection, wildlife preservation, and global biodiversity conservation. Through their websites, you can access valuable information, educational resources, and updates on ongoing initiatives. 

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