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Statement and Policy on Drive Fisheries

The European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) condemns the inhumane killing and/or associated taking of dolphins in drive fisheries such as those that take place in Taiji [1].

There is no dolphin from the Japanese drive fisheries in any EAAM member park today. Previous intervention by zoological parks to rescue animals already doomed to die as a result of the fisheries was ceased more than a decade ago to avoid any possible misinterpretation of support or encouragement for the fisheries.

The majority of the dolphins in EAAM member parks were born in human care. Breeding, together with high quality animal care and modern facilities, has resulted in a net increase in dolphins in recent years, meaning that the population in parks in the European Union is sustainable.

Zoological parks that acquire any animal from drive fisheries such as Taiji or individuals who participate in such drive fisheries shall not be eligible for EAAM membership.

[1] The EAAM issued its first statement condemning the drive fisheries in 2007. This document reiterates and confirms EAAM’s continuing opposition to the drive fisheries and clarifies its policy relative to membership.

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Statement Policy Drive Fisheries 2013
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