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UKRAINE – EAAM Coordinated Help

The European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) has been actively contacting our colleagues in Ukraine in order to find out what the situation is for them at the moment. As you can imagine, they are struggling to find resources for fish and medicines for more than 100 marine mammals.

The Ukrainian holders have gathered most animals in one park in Odessa. EAAM has secured a shipment of 20 tons of fish and is currently working on further supplies of food and other items. Thus, we want to call for a joint effort of our community to support the animals and our Ukrainian colleagues.

EAAM Board has offered to serve as a platform for all members, friends and colleagues that want to participate in this joint effort. EAAM will serve as the main point to receive the donations and will pay directly the bills to the suppliers.

Any donation, even if small, will make a difference. We encourage you all to join this effort and to share this message with everybody.

Find below the EAAM Account details. If you decide to participate in this effort, we would ask you to please add “Donation – Ukraine” in the concept.

Account details


Sincerely yours,



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